Winner: Empanada Throwdown

We are very proud to announce that our chef, Cristian Heise, took first prize in the Empanada Throwdown at Harbourfront Center on July 6....
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The story of avocado fries

Who said we can’t deep fry it? It all started with a grilled cheese sandwich that I love to make-delicious with warm avocados inside.  It came to me finally- avocado fries! Lightly breaded with Japanese panko bread crumbs, served warm, melting in your mouth with our tangy spinach and chipotle dip. I love to look at reaction people have when they try it for the first time. First hesitant with disbelieve( who fries avocados?) and...
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Short Rib Empanadas

We are always brainstorm new empanada ideas here at the Empanada Company. We were well over due for new delicious empanada. We usually start with bringing ideas of people’s favourite meals. One of us said- ribs. Everyone loves ribs, falling of the bones and juicy. Pork ribs wasn’t a perfect fit, so decided on the beef short ribs. We braise them for six hours in Merlot wine and chipotles in adobo sauce. Yum, all I...
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What do you call empanada stuffed with lobster? Lobsterada! This one was an easy one, since we are working with such a great ingredient. We decided to keep it simple, well not to simple. We combine fresh corn, red and green peppers, black beans, three cheeses and the lobster of course. All enclosed in jalapeno flavoured dough and fried. Oozing cheese, fresh lobster and a kick from the jalapeno pastry all comes together in one...
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