The Empanada Company

Where quality and value are never compromised.

About The Empanada Company

The Empanada Company would like to present to you our collection of traditional and contemporary empanadas. Each empanada is hand crafted and made with only the freshest ingredients using no preservatives or additives.

We have created an assortment of doughs and fillings inspired by countries from around the globe. Try our multicultural empanadas and experience the world in just a few bites.

We are located in west Toronto, just minutes away from Mississauga. Come and treat yourself to the best empanadas our city has to offer, your visit to The Empanada Company will be a memorable one. You can also order online for delivery with!

Our Empanadas

Our traditional empanada recipe was created half a century ago in Temuco, Chile. Pinkys’ Bakery, a family owned business, was known throughout the region for their outstanding empanadas. Fifty years and nine thousand kilometers later we bring you that old world taste with a new world twist.

The Empanada Company offers an assortment of 14 traditional and contemporary empanadas available in two sizes (mini 20g-22g and medium 95g-105g). Our empanadas can be enjoyed in our restaurant or purchased frozen through us or through any of our food service distributors.

Delicious varieties

All great and yummy fillings.